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Welcome to Mrs. Dewey's 7th Grade Writing Website!

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A Quick Note From Ms. Dewey...

Welcome to my SVMS students! All the information I have given in class is right here - if you need further help just drop me an e-mail.




The purpose of this website is to help prepare 7th grade students to successfully take the North Carolina State Writing Test. I also hope that my students can use this site as a reference while studying or writing at home, but anyone is welcome to utilize this site. Come on in and make yourself at home!




The site was last updated 6/25/02

Disclaimer: The purpose of this website is provide 7th grade students preparing to take the 2001/2002 North Carolina Writing Assessment with an at home or computer class study resource. The material contained in this website  is of a purely educational nature and was written by Mrs. Mary Dewey, Writing Specialist. Information was also taken from the NC Department of Instruction and Robeson County Public Schools Middle Grade Language Arts aids Making the Mark in Expository Writing by Vickie Taylor and the Writing Wheel. The author of this website encourages students to enjoy the internet as a learning tool and does not accept responsibility of student activity after they leave this site.

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